Medical Planning and Design

For the success of the project overall, it is of key importance that the concepts of the project architects, planners and technical teams are closely reconciled and coordinated. Here, the form and design of the building structures are created in line with the medical standards and functions required.

The focus is therefore always on creating an organic connection between design, quality, operative functionality, safety and cost efficiency. Here, our approach combines flexibility when it comes to selecting the latest top standard and its long-term use over the entire life cycle.

Depending on the specific requirements, the planning process conducted by GMS comprises the following modules:

  • Evaluation and selection of the best design
  • Needs analysis
  • Construction planning, function planning, medical technology room planning
  • Coordination of architects, engineers and technical teams
  • Integrated project management


Our highly qualified project teams ensure that professional management is provided throughout the entire planning and implementation process. Here, the standards that apply to each specific country where our customers and clients are located are always paramount.

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