The countries in the Middle East and North Africa region are our core markets.  These states continue to face the major challenge, of further developing the health system in the respective countries and of improving the life quality of the population.

We have forged close links over many years with the MENA region, which is located directly next to Europe, and are therefore very familiar with the health markets there.

For GMS - German Medical Solutions - it is of key importance to have a presence on site. With our subsidiary offices and highly qualified project teams in Egypt, Iraq and Yemen, as well as in other countries, we ensure that we are close to our customers and that we can be contacted at all times.



The complexity of the healthcare systems in the countries of the MENA region is reflected in the broad spectrum of our customers. They include:

  • The health ministries of the respective countries
  • State and semi-state healthcare institutions
  • International organisations (such as the World Bank, the European Union)
  • Private sector companies
  • State and private investors
  • Development funds

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